First Action worked, now cannot remove it

I succesfully created a simple action and got it to show up as the last item in the Help menu.

If I run the Plugin SDK standalone, that item does not show up. If I  "Run" my Action from the IDE using the Plugin SDK, then the item shows up in the Help Menu.

But now, when I start a different project that does NOT contain this same action, and "Run" the new project from IDEA (launching the Plugin SDK), my Help-Menu Action still shows up!!

Where did this Action get saved to? I cannot find it anywhere on-disk. I don't want it showing up in in my Plugin SDK for every single project, just the one project that defines that Action.

So a few questions:

1. Where did the actual code/config files for this Action get saved into my Plugin SDK, and how do I remove them?
2. Why does this Action show up only when I launch the Plugin SDK from IDEA, and not when I launch the Plugin SDK from the desktop as a normal application?
3. Why does the Action continue to show up every time I launch the Plugin SDK from IDEA, even in projects that do NOT contain this Action?



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After much searching around on my loacal filesystem, it seems that the Actions and Plugins created and used in the Plugin SDK when launched from IDEA are being stored here (I'm on a Mac):


After deleting the actions sub-directory (in which I found the Action I previously created in a different IDEA project), that action now no longer shows up.

So it looks like I"ll be creating an alias to this directory, since IDEA doesn't seem to clean up after you debug a plugin this way.

So to answer myself :

1. ~/Library/Caches/IntelliJIdea90/plugins-sandbox/plugins, delete everything in this directory (except maybe the avaialbles.xml file?)
2. Because when launching as a standalone app from the desktop, these swiches are *not* being set :


whereas they *are* being set when launching the Plugin SDK via IDEA.

3. Because once you created your action and launched the Plugin SDK, even when quitting it, IDEA does not clean up or remove these from this plugin cache directory. You have to do so manually if you don't want the products of one project showing up in a separate, different project.



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