Spell Check Plugin in Pallada


It seems that the key shortcut (CtrlShiftS) of Spell Check is already used
by Pallada (structural search).

Also, I can't get the Spell Check document (CtrlShiftK) to be enabled in
the menu.

Lastly, I can't get the dialog to show up.

I am either completely misusing the plug-in or it is not compatible with

Please help or comment.



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Sorry, but I'm in no rush to move Pallada; looking at the forum today it seems build 2018 has broken a large swathe of plugins.. which is why I'm all to happy to stick with 4.0.2 for development until things have calmed down. Infact its generally a good idea to stick with the stable versions unless you're actually testing Pallada or your plugins compatibility. Before I sit down and do yet another port I need a stable API and enough posts to pick through while I try and work out what APIs have changed or been removed this time.

As for the key mappings you can always change these from settings, keymap or failing that unpack the spellcheck plugin jar into its plugin dir (deleteing the jar afterwards) and modifying the plugin.xml file yourself.. the key mappings at least are very obvious.

I'm also not adverse to someone actually taking the code and porting it for me ;) ..or even sending me a stacktrace and details of the deprecated methods.

BTW: Spell check document only works for .java files, otherwise its down to OpenApi changes I'm afraid.

- Richard


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