How can I build the source code of IntelliJ-IDEA v9?

Hello, there!
Before asking this question, I have read this article following by this address: .
When I build the source code, the console report five errors those point to build.xml(line 17 & line 38).
Then I checked my JetGroovy plugin, the plugin is enabled.
The console information said {project_home}/build/gant.xml (line 18) gantfile does not exist. Which gant script file?
I paste the content of gant.xml:

<project name="Test gant invocation from Ant script" default="doGant">   <dirname property="build.dir" file="${ant.file}"/>   <property name="project.home" value="${build.dir}/.."/>   <property name="gant.home" value="${project.home}/build/lib/gant"/>   <path id="gant.classpath">     <pathelement location="${project.home}/build/lib/gant_patches.jar"/>     <fileset dir="${gant.home}/lib">       <include name="*.jar"/>     </fileset>   </path>   <taskdef name="gant" classname="org.codehaus.gant.ant.Gant">     <classpath refid="gant.classpath"/>   </taskdef>   <target name="doGant">     <gant file="${gant.script}"/>   </target> </project>

I hope someone can figure out this.

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Can you include the errors that you encountered ?

I built the IJ distribution from source pulled from MAIA branch last week for the first time.
If I recall I only hit one snag which was 'user related', and nothing related to what was in GIT because I have been changing plugin code.
However, the head of MAIA should just build by typing :



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