Scrappy Ideas

Since Leif was kind enough to make Scrappy work in 4.0 and Pallada, maybe he
or someone else has plans to make updates.

If so, I have some suggestions:

- Instead of having it's own tool window, why not put the code scrap into an
editor tab like the console plugin does? That may even allow standard IDEA
java code editing support to be used.

- Allow scraps to be saved in and loaded from external .scrap files.

- Allow selected text in regular java files to be run as a scraps.

- Direct the output to the run window, thus allowing for hyperlinking errors
to lines in the scrap or java files.

I know, why not do it myself.

I would if I had the time.

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I think (though I'm not certain) that something akin to Scrappy is planned for 4.1. Might make sense to sync with Intellij developers before duplicating effort.


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