Which since-build for RubyMine plugin?

I'd like to support RubyMine with a plugin which already works on Maia.

Which since-build do I have to use to be compatible with IntelliJ and RubyMine at the same time?
I don't want to support 8.x because there were incompatible API changes, so leaving out since-build is not an option (which does work in RubyMine).

I tried
<idea-version since-build="90.137" />, this works in IntelliJ IU but not in RubyMine (flagged as incompatible)
<idea-version since-build="90" />, also flagged as incompatible

Which numbering could I use?

Thanks a lot,

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Any solution for this?

At the moment it seems impossible to release a single plugin which is compatible with IntelliJ Ultimate, IntelliJ Community and RubyMine.



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