Fix MetricsReloaded for IDEA 8.x/Diana


I would like to fix MetricsReloaded so it works under IDEA 8.x/Diana.

I am a newbie to plugin development so I would like to ask for guidance and assistance. I have read the plugin tutorials and I'm able to debug MetricsReloaded.

From my review and debugging of the code, I need to fix the following to make it useful for 8.X/Diana:

1. Update code to compile cleanly and run under 8.x/Diana

     a. Update/replace "missing" classes & interfaces
         - BaseAnalysisAction & BaseAnalysisActionDialog in ProjectMetricsAction (
         - ActionToolbarImpl & TreeSpeedSearch in MetricsConfigurationPanel (

         - I was able to compile MR by replacing BaseAnalysisAction with AnAction and implementing actionPerformed() as a wrapper to the existing analyze() method.
         - I also temporarily commented out TreeSpeedSearch & BaseAnalysisActionDialog (which was actually unused)

     b. Make Calculate Metrics action work for correct analysis scope
         - I am able to run Calculate Metrics (ProjectMetricsAction) which is currently defaulting to Project scope and the Complexity Metrics profile
         - Need to fix this so it selects the correct scope and metrics profile to run on

     c. Make Calculate Metrics action work using selected profile
        - Related to B; need a way (UI) to select/configure profile to run on, see ProfileSelectionPanel (

2. Update code to "enable" configuration/settings
     a. Setup/expose an IDE/Project level configuration probably using MetricsConfigurationPanel (

     b. Make Calculate Metrics action work on "default" profile
        - Related to 1.c; need a way to set a "default" profile

3. Support & maintenance =) (not sure if I will have enough time & a bit too ambitious at this time)
    a. Update/replace deprecated code to at least 8.x/Diana release
    b. Add unit tests for self-regression (
    c. Update UI to improve navigation & filter of results
    d. Update visualization of results (& export visualizations)

Any assistance and guidance in the right direction is very much appreaciated.

By the way, does anybody know how to contact the original author, Dave Griffith?

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