Q for JetBrains: better plugin manager et al?

Dear JetBrains,
as you see, there are lots of extremely useful plugins emerging from darkness
of people's cubicles, and elsewhere.
Also, there have been several requests for better organization and support
for version-identifying and ranking of plugins. Without that, the developers
are left to keep some version in Plugin Manager and others on Wiki; and the
users have pretty tough job finding out which plugin is for which IDEA build.

So Question is:
Is anybody working on those requests? Do you plan to support uploading or
installing plugins based on their targeted version/build #? Support for
additional comments, or build break reports? Better description support?
(the description and change notes areas are too small and hard to scroll)
XHTML instead of CDATA for formatted texts?



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I strongly feel that the next generation of plugin manager should be integrated with some sort of support by intellij part to the plugin development. I mean: intellij should provide a "plugin forge", with at least cvs, mailing lists (?) and bug tracker, and integrate the plugin manager with the cvs, in order for all the plugin versions to be accessible for the various platforms.


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