[ANN] TMate plugin version 0.0.47. Release Candidate III.

Announcing version 0.0.47 (RC3) of the TMate plugin, available via the PluginManager or at http://www.tmate.org/eap/

To use the plugin you will need EAP registration code that is available at http://tmate.org/eap/download/ page.

Changes from build 0.0.46 to 0.0.47

  • Bugfixes:

- web transactions viewer sends correct "content-type" header, now works with Mozilla and other browsers that doesn't detect content-type automatically
- possible exception in "view repository version" action when invoked from "pending updates" tab is fixed
- minor UI bugfixes

TMate features overview

- Recognizes and tracks committed CVS transactions
- Allows offline CVS repository browsing in terms of transactions
- Customizable transaction to issue navigation from the transactions view
- Displays files modified in repository but not updated, along with transactions information
- Tracks CVS repository online and shows transactions that were just commited
- Generates reports on transactions (commit statistics) as graphic chart or data table
- Supports pserver, ssh1, ssh2 connections
- Web transactions viewer

Longer description

TMate plugin adds transactions support to the CVS version control integration. It consists of the server that continuously monitors CVS repository and IDEA plugin that displays found CVS transactions in the IDEA tool window.

TMate Server is implemented as a web application and requires JDK 1.4 and supports CVS repositories accessible through the pserver protocol. TMate Server could be installed locally or on the dedicated computer.

TMate Client is an IDEA plugin that allows to configure remote TMate Server and displays up to date CVS transactions collected by the TMate Server.

TMate IDEA plugin available via the PluginManager includes both TMate Client and TMate Server.

More information about TMate, including screenshots, is available at http://tmate.org/eap/

Your feedback about how the plugin works in your environment, whether do you find it useful, and what features do you want to see in the next versions is very welcome!

Alexander Kitaev.

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