[ANN] - Generate toString() v2.13 BETA

v2.13 BETA of the toString() plugin is release to this community. It is attached to this forum as the Twiki has problems.

Most noticable change is a beta version of the Inspection feature.
It is now possible to Inspection your code for:
1) Classes not overwriting toString() methods
2) Fields not used in toString() method.
However there are still some work to do in this, but I wanted to release a BETA for the community to be able to submit feedbacks.

CHANGELOG.TXT v2.13beta for IDEA 3.x/4.x (apr-6-2004)
- Field chooser dialog is not shown if all fields are filtered out by exclude fields
- Using log4j as debugger. Can be enabled by adding this to log4j.xml in IDEA_HOME\bin folder:
- Action added back to menus if unchecking disable action in code and editor popup menus
- Fixed bug graying active template for fresh installation of plugin:
- toString() is added before the public static void main(String[] args) method if its the last method in the class
- Started refactoring GenerateToStringAction into seperate classes and helper forced by experimental with Intention
- Inspection feature to warn for toString() out-of-sync with number of fields (beta)
Settings -> Errors -> ToString() Issues -> 'As warnings' to see in right gutter in editor.
Setting 'As warnings' for the Class inspection is not adviceable as the entire class will be marked with yellow,
this is a limit in IDEA OpenAPI not possible to limit the range to the class header only etc. I will look for possible
solutions in the future.
To run insepctions right click and choose Inspect Code...

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