Rearranger: expand & keyboard

I'm getting used to pop up the Live Rearranger (Ctrl-,) to move
methods around manually as opposed to Ctrl-W/Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V
but there are a couple of things that slow me down:

- the class member tree almost always shows up collapsed.
I have to expand it every time before I can do anything. Is
this intentional?

- I haven't figured out a way to move things around using the
keyboard. It's easy to click/drag with the mouse but it'd be
great to be able to do it quickly through the keyboard, somehow.
(ctrl-shift+arrows to move the selection arround maybe?)



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There's a bug with the class member tree -- it is supposed to expand only those nodes necessary to view the element where the cursor is. Right now it collapses any time you press one of the icons that changes the display, and may be collapsed other times as well. Sorry, but I'll get a fix for it soon.

And there isn't any way currently to move things around with the keyboard. I'll add it as a todo item. Maybe use the regular up/down arrows to select, right/left arrows to go deeper/higher in the tree, and ctrl-shift up/down arrows to move the selection? I haven't investigated what default keys a tree normally gets. Will probably make it match those at least, though.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Vince,

Please give version 2.9 a try. The Live Rearranger tree is always expanded, and I added ctrl-shift-up/down arrow to allow you to move the selection using the keyboard.



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