DomManager and registering DomFileDescription

I'm working through the tutorial "Accessing XML through IntelliJ IDEA DOM".

The tutorial says to register the model through:

DomManager manager = DomManager.getDomManager(project);     manager.registerFileDescription(new DomFileDescription(Root.class, "root") {      protected void initializeFileDescription() {      }     });


But when I go to do this I notice that:

   manager.registerFileDescription(new DomFileDescription(Root.class, "root")


is depricated and the JavaDoc says:

   Make your file description an extension.

Does anyone have a small code snippet to share for regsitering the DOM model in 8.x?

Writing an IntelliJ plugin is like been a character in the The Da Vinci Code! All help much appreciated.


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From Spring integration plugin.xml:


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You should provide an extension point:

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">


      <dom.fileDescription implementation="FQCN"/>


Also check out the sources of bundled plugins at


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