How does one add their own custom indentation properties?

Hi all,

I'm working on a language plugin, and I've implemented FileTypeIndentOptionsProvider, and it's showing up properly in the settings dialog (under Code Style --> General), but I'd like to add my own indentation properties to CodeStyleSettings.IndentOptions, and I can't see how to do it. Is this possible?

Kurt Christensen

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Hi, Kurt.

You should implement com.intellij.psi.codeSyle.CodeStyleSettingsProvider interface.Register your implementation in plugin.xml descriptor as

<codeStyleSettingsProvider language="MyLang" implementation="lang.formatting.settings.MyLangCodeStyleSettingsProvider"/>

Aporpriate settings should be stored in an inheritor of com.intellij.psi.codeStyle.CustomCodeStyleSettings class. To return your own configuration panel, override createPanel method of com.intellij.application.options.CodeStyleAbstractConfigurable class.

With best regards,


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