Sandbox IntelliJ locks up after opening project

I am trying to develop a plugin under IntelliJ 8.1 and all is going pretty well except when I try to test my plugin. The sandbox version of IntelliJ opens just fine. However, when I try to open a project with it it just totally locks up. No menu's respond, no buttons, nothing. Sometimes it makes it to showing the project view until locking up, and sometimes it locks up duing some indexing as it is opening the project.

I am showing the idea.log when running my plugin and no errors are shown in the logs, just some apparently routine INFO logging.

I am trying to add an action to the Generate menu (alt + insert) so I have to open a project to test that. All my plugin does right now is add an action to the Generate menu and print a logging statement saying it has been selected.

Any ideas? Any logs I can look to try to find out why it is locking up?

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Apparently I was running out of permgen space, upped that and now all appears well.


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