Another IG question

I have just moved to IntelliJ 4 and have started using InspectionGadgets.

This thing is great!

On IDE Errors:

In the General section there are two JavaDoc settings:

1. JavaDoc errors
2. Unknown javadoc tags

Back in 3.0 and in 4.0, the built in off-line inspections also point out
other JavaDoc violations, e.g. missing period at the end of the first
JavaDoc comment line.

Is there some way to get these other 'built-in' inspections to display
'dynamically' as a yellow marks in the gutter?


Also in the 'Method metrics' section there is a setting for

Overly long method

I have configured this to 25 lines.
I am looking at code where other inspections show up as yellow marks, e.g.
locals that can be final, however I can't get this inspection to display.

I'm looking at a listener class that has an actionPerformed() method which
extends over 150 lines. If I don't count comment line and blank lines it is
still easily over 50 lines long.

Running on build 1178, IG version 1.0

Thanks for a really valuable plugin,

Ted Hill

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I've just upgraded from build 1178 to build 1179 ==> and I don't see these
problems anymore, i.e. all works as expected.

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Well that was easy enough. Note, however, that "Overly long method" doesn't count lines, it counts non-empty statements.



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