Get available enums as variants in custom reference.

I'm providing custom reference in JSP files. This refernce should offer variants for attributes of custom JSP tags.
Those variats should be al available enums within current project.
What i was doing in 7th branch.

JavaClassReferenceProvider provider = new JavaClassReferenceProvider();
provider.setOption(JavaClassReferenceProvider.EXTEND_CLASS_NAMES, new String[]{"java.lang.Enum"});

.... register provider with ReferenceProvidersRegistry code ...


After migration codebase to Diana i've noticed that this code doesn't work anymore.
After i tried to use various option for ReferenceProvidersRegistry i've discovered that none of them help.
So plz give me some clue how to solve this problem. Thnx in advance.

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This problem should be fixed in the next EAP, thank you!

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ok nice to hear thix. can you post here build number after which i can try this feature ?
sure if now posssble :)

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Should work in 9678

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Thnx for help. I will check it later and report :)


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