Passing JVM params to runtime config

In a plugin, how do I pass JVM parameters (such as -Xmx) to the run config so that IDEA executes the command with the JVM settings I want?

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Maybe one of the following extension points would help you:
- RunConfigurationExtension (does not work for unit tests)
- StepsBeforeRunProvider (adds a checkbox to Configurations)

Hope this helps,
Slawomir Ginter

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The plugin Im looking at currently has the following:
extends RunConfigurationBase implements ModuleRunConfiguration

I dont see an obvious way to pass JVM params in here, or have I missed something, or could I extend / implement something else?

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I cast the RunConfiguration directly to JUnitConfiguration and work on it directly (as this is the only config type I am interested in)
If you can't take this approach, I can't help you any more


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