Wizard Plugin Display Issues

I've tried to use the latest Wizard plugin, but when it starts up, the dialog is blank. I can see flashes of objects on the dialog if I move the mouse around but nothing stays displayed. What did I do wrong? Or is this a known issue? Any advice is welcome.

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Please check IDE settings (not in Classic, but in Default mode) painting - Wizard use same renderer for Wizard chooser dialog.

Can you make screenshot of your dialog? That OS, JDK, IDEA build, and also, please, send me JVM parameters of you run IDEA.


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Unfortunately I cannot make screen shots at the moment, but the particulars for my system are

Windows 2000
IDEA 4.0 Build 1167 (maybe should upgrade?)
JDK 1.4.2_03
Wizard Version 0.5.2
PLUS version 0.0.4 Build 72

And the display option is set to Default. I've found that if I open something on top of the Wizard dialog and then close whatever I opened, the dialog partially repaints, so the info is there, it's just not being redrawn.

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I builded Wizard 0.5.2 on IDE 1174, it used unofficial API and maybe you have troubles becouse your build in earlest.

Can you also check log file for exceptions from Wizard? Sonds like, that something like NoSuchFieldException in log...

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There are indeed NoSuchFieldExceptions in the log. I'll install the 1174 build and work from there. Been needing to anyway, now I have an excuse. Thanks for the help.


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