Layering Functionality ontop of the javascript plugin

Hi All,

I'm trying to develop an IDEA plugin for the crosscheck browserless javascript testing framework

I'd like to just add a simple few features to the existing javascript plugin since crosscheck scripts are 100% plain vanilla javascript, and so work quite well with the javascript plugin. The only thing that I want to add is an action to run the script as a crosscheck test, and optionally to run a single crosscheck test (if the run action is invoked within a test method).

Here is an example of a crosscheck scrip taken from the crosscheck selftest suitte. If I have this open in an editor window, I'd like hitting run to run all the test cases. And if you're in a specific method, have run do just that test.

crosscheck.suite('Javascript Host Object Protocol', {

    def: function(body) {
        return crosscheck.metadef(body)

    test_a_readwrite_attribute_can_be_changed_but_is_not_deleted: function() {
        var Instance = this.def(function($) {
            this.attrReadWrite('one', 'two')
        var i = new Instance() = 'one'
        assertEquals('one', = 1

    test_define_a_readonly_attribute_via_a_getter: function() {
        var Circle = this.def(function($) {
            this.constructor(function(radius) {
                $(this).radius = radius
            this.attrReadOnly('diameter', function() {
                return $(this).radius * 2

        var c = new Circle(5)
        assertEquals(5, c.radius)
        assertEquals(10, c.diameter)

All the examples I've seen involve writing a custom language from scratch, but I don't think that's what I want in this case. I want to add these to bits of functionality and leave the rest of the javascript heavy lifting to the standard plugin. Is there a standard way of layering functionality onto existing language support?


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Any suggestions as  to the right set of docs would be greatly appreciated.



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