Appending selected file to argument list of a known ApplicationConfiguratio

Hi All,

Would anyone be able to outline the required steps in order to run predefined configuration from a plugin?

Here is the current understanding:
1. Retrieve Configuration (RunManager.getInstance().getConfigurations().findByName("MyApp");
2. Get a registered Executor (ExecutorRegistry.getInstance().getExecutorById(DefaultRunExecutor.EXECUTOR_ID);
3. Create executionenvironment (new ExecutionEnvironment(runConfiguration, anActionEvent.getDataContext());)

4. ??? Now what :) Possibly get a ProgramRunner... but, how?
5. Augment the list of arguments and use the programRunner to run updated RunConfiguration aka. RunProfile?

I am not at all sure what's needed to get me through 4 and 5.

Thanks for you help

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