how to access compiled classes from a java project


I am only starting in plugin development for intellij, so bear with me.
I've read the documentation
on and
looked at the source code of some of the plugins bundled as example, but
can't seem to find the answer to my problem:

I have written an action that can be run on a module. In that action, I
want to do some kind of analyses of the bytecode (class files) of the
module the action was invoked on. I found how I can access the module and
the project etc, but how do I get a reference to the class files, or the
output directory, or some way to access them?

I saw that there is something like a CompileContext, which seems to
provide what I need, but that seems to be for usage in the context of a
CompileTask, which is (I think) not what I need. I just want access to the
already compiled code of the module I'm working on.

Thanks in advance,

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