Another plugin idea: DFA-based navigation

Let's say I'm inside a method, which got passed some string parameter named "userName".

The calling method may be just passing on the value which it received.
The method itself may in turn pass this parameter to other methods, etc.

Actually this it quite common for some category of parameters:
- a web controller extracts some parameter from HttpServletRequest
- passes this parameter to a service object
- the service object in turn passes it on to a DAO
- the DAO passes it on to a JDBC API method

Looking at the flow of this parameter through the code, it would look like a mostly-hierarchical graph (with cycles in some scenarios).
The edges of the graph can be of two types:
"input edges": the parameter is initialized / assigned
"output edges": the parameter is passed to some method outside of project source

I have some ideas about UI as well, but first I'd like to know:
- will something like this fly? If not, what are the obvious blockers?
- do any other products provide something similar? (IIRC next version of VS is supposed to have something)
- and last but not least: is there some code or IDEA APIs that could be useful?

Meanwhile I'm going to give the previous idea a go (thanks Bas and Dmitry)



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