[InspectionGadgets] Is there an inspection for infinitely recursive methods?

Dave (or anyone else who knows):

I'm trying to find an inspection for methods which are infinitely recursive
(i.e. call themselves recursively without any conditions that could prevent
the recursive call). Is there any such thing in InspectionGadgets? The
closest I could find was the tail recursion inspection, which is not what
I'm after.

Thanks for any suggestions,
Vilya Harvey
vilya.harvey@digitalsteps.com / digital steps /
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Sadly, no. It's been on my TODO list forever, and it shouldn't be more than moderately tricky, but it never quite makes in before I feel the need to release. I've moved it into my "do this for the next release" category, but free ice cream comes with no gaurantees.

--Dave Griffith


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