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first of all: is great!

And I would like to see it getting even better. My plugin project IdeaJad is hosted on SourceForge. So on a regular basis (whenever the OpenApi is changed :) I update some things and put a new release on the Sourceforge site. For me it would be great, if I could just point register a download URL with - pointing to Sourceforge. That way, versioning becomes easier and number of downloads can be tracked easier and for each release plus I don't have to upload the same files to multiple locations.

What do you think?



Once 4.0 is out would you not think that users will most likely use the plugin manager than go to every single site of plugins they want and download manually every since plugins?

Most of my colleague at work praised the ONE repository of plugins that tracks versions and number of download and all out-of-date plugins can be refreshed in one push of a button.

However in the spirit of what can be done with sourceforge announcements, I would like to see the plugin manager automatically inform the user that new version of installed plugins are available. That way I don't have to monitor the plugins forums to get new updates of my favorite plugins. It could even optionally provides a "New plugins " popup on start up.



Yep, I'm against allowing it to point at external locations. Sourceforge for example is a particularly evil download place, as it has that obscene mirroring page. You could point directly at the mirror download location but that's somewhat frowned on.

Although an update notification for plugin versions would be wonderful, to be done as part of the regular IDEA version update check.


Yes, a 'new plugins available' message on startup would be great. There already is a SCR for it:


What I meant is not that just tells you the URL where to get the plugin, but that a plugin developer simply registers the download URL with the website. Then the website can download it from Sourceforge, if it wants to...

I know the mirror thing is kinda evil, but maybe one could work around it.

Apart from that I would appreciate, if people could rate plugins and comment on them (like books on Amazon). But that has probably been suggested before...


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