TMate problems


when I installed TMate plugin (incl. server component), IDEA was
installed in directory C:\idea-eap and the TMate server in
C:\tmate-server. Now I've installed IDEA into C:\idea and the TMate
service will not start any more. I've searched C:\tmate-server for
"idea-eap" and found a binary log-file. Why the server needs IDEA at all?

Thanks in advance,

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When TMate server is installed locally as windows service it uses the same JRE that is used by IDEA it is installed from, so when JRE dissappears service stops working. Later I will add a possibility to select JRE when installing TMate Server. TMate Server log file contains a reference to the JAVA_HOME it is launched with.

Now you may use SERVER_ROOT/bin/service_uninstall.bat and SERVER_ROOT/bin/service_install.bat batch files to reinstall the service. The usage is:
service_uninstall.bat service_install.bat ]]>

Default service name is "TMate Server"

Alexander Kitaev.


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