Losing active frame focus

Maybe someone can help me.
So I have a plugin for IDEA, and I ran it, and opened two projects in different frames. So I have two frames in IDEA opened (frame1 with one project(opened first), and frame2 with another project(it was last opened)). My plugin shows message dialogs, when I perform some specific operations. Those message dialogs are made via DialogBuilder class. Everything works fine. But I'm trying to create my own class for messages that extends JDialog, because I need another layout and size of the dialog. So when I use class that extends JDialog then: if message appears in frame1 - I'm atomatically switched to frame2. (this doesn't happen when I use DialogBuilder), though I submit the right parent, and I can't avoid that.
I want to ask is there a way to modify DialogBuilder class to create the message dialog with the layout and size, and components that I need...? Or maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong creating my own message dialog that extends JDialog?


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