Toolwindow icon and shortcut

My plugin registers a new toolwindow using the ToolWindowManager.registerToolWindow API.
This works fine except for two things:

- Although i set the icon in the ToolWindow instance and that icon shows just fine next to the toolwindow button it doesn't show up in the Window | Tool Windows menu (just the icon, the toolwindow shows up). More, although my toolwindow doesn't show an icon in the menu, the icon i set for it is now shown as the icon for the Dynamic Properties tool window.
- I can't figure out how to assign a shortcut key to the ToolWindow so that it shows up in the toolwindow menu also.


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I figured out the switched icon thing. As it turns out this only happens when i don't register the toolwindow on project open but instead i register it using some registered action.

Still would appreciate some help figuring out why the icon doesn't show up in the menu and also about the shortcut.


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Ok, figured out the now showing icon problem.
As it turns out i have to call setIcon only after i call toolwindow.getContentManager().addContent to set the toolwindow panel.

This way the icon shows up fine.


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