javadoc warnings

Not that anyone claimed you could build javadoc from the OpenAPI source, (just to put that on the table), I tried to do it anyway- for a plugin ...

So , OK the result on release 7.02::build 7590 is:

2 errors and half a thousand (409, actually) warnings.

Lots of the warnings like
cannot find symbol
symbol : class ThreadGroupReference
location: interface com.intellij.debugger.engine.jdi.ThreadGroupReferenceProxy
ThreadGroupReference getThreadGroupReference();

just usually something imported something that does not exist.

So I looked around for the AWOL class in different places
I looked in the "source" where ":source" means exactly

lib\src\ and all that lies thereunder.

I looked in the javadoc that ships with the Devkit, which is exactly:

YouDevkitIntallationDirectory\help\openapi\com and all that lies thereunder

I looked in the .class containing jars
YouDevkitIntallationDirectory\redist and all the jars that lie therein.

and I found nothing.

So, not asking about any particular class that would make a javadoc attempt complain, but in general, should I be able to run javadoc against the OpenAPI source? If not, why not? Are the missing classes referenced in the source just referencing something that's changed and of no import? ( rimshot! get it? I'll be here all week folks...)

I want "javadocy" type information (the containment hierarchy) for the OpenAPI and I was thinking one way would be to write a Doclet.. but I have to know what's going on with these missing classes and why javadoc is throwing off errors.


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The OpenAPI naturally has a couple of external dependencies. ThreadGroupReference is part of the Java Debug Interface:

It's located in %JDK%\lib\tools.jar



Sasha, No I know. Rest assured I search Google and do lots of other work to answer my own questions before I ask here LOL... The error I posted actually wasn't even connected to the errors I was getting .. so that's my bad... I will run it again and post the errors if you want but I'm not interested in troubleshooting specific error messages, really, that was just background to frame my question. My real and only question is should javadoc work on the source as it's received from the plug--in download? This is a known-to-worker?

LOL no I do my homework for stuff before I post here and will never ask anyone to troubleshoot my error messages! I am stupid, OK I admit, but I'm not THAT stupid.


Hmm, whatever... Since the OpenAPI sources are, according to Dmitry, supposed to be compilable, I'd assume the same also applies to their Javadoc. I don't think this an explicitly intended and supported "feature" though (any certainly nobody ever tried it) - you'll probably need to find it out yourself.


Yah, I have it, but with errors.. so I was just wondering if anyone knew anything or there was some quirk about the dist I should know about. thanks Sascha !


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