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Why is there no code-completion within javadoc comments... I mean, is there a technical reason that it doesn't work?

So the driving use-case here is you're typing away at javadoc and you come to yourVariableName and of course you don't want to have to type yourVariableName, you want to type yo.. and have code-completion offer to fill-in yourVariableName with the ]]> tags thrown in for good measure.

So I am wondering.. is this not possible for some reason or just not a priority? It's a target for a plug-in on my list of targets but if it's going to be done in a future release, I have other targets. On the other hand, if it's not possible (seems unlikely) , what is the reason? Would I have to declare comments to be their own language or something?


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That's just a bug. A JIRA issue would be welcome


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