[ANN] Rearranger plugin - new version 1.5

The Rearranger plugin rearranges (reorders) class and class member declarations according to a user-specified order.

Version 1.5 has the following enhancements and bug fixes:

- File Structure popup has three checkboxes to refine the display: show fields, parameter types, and parameter names.

- Bug where alphabetically-sorted multiple field declaration such as "int b, a;" would result in ", a; int b" is fixed.

- IDEA no longer hangs if you try to rearrange an XML file (or any other non-Java type of file).


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Small note:

the mouse wheel refuse to work in the preview-pane (it works in the tree and all other places in idea) .


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If I enable 'Run Code Layout tool before tabyfing preview pane' I am able to scroll 7 lines up and down, but no more.
With the option disabled, there is no scrolling possible at all, not even with PgUp, PgDwn-Keys!

It looks like the cursor moves out of the visible area, correctly, but the scrolling isn't synchronized. Strange.

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I see what you mean, Frank. But I'm able to use the scroll bar to scroll vertically -- I hope you are also.

None of the other scrolling techniques work (mouse wheel, page up/down) with that 7-line exception for the mouse wheel...

I'll look into it. Thanks for the report!


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Yes, I can move the scrollbar with the mouse and thus use the preview feature. Thank you! Good work btw.



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