InspectionGadgets: Possible memory-leak?

I have a quite large idea-project with files spread all over the harddisc, configured in several modules. The idea-vm is given a maximum of 420 megs and I'm experiencing an always growing stock of used memory which can't be freed by garbage-collecting. Several times I've left my machine with about 40 megs free and when I came back maybe 20 minutes later idea was locked with an OutOfMemoryError.

If I remove just the InspectionGadgets.jar the problem is gone and I can always push the memory usage back to 60-100 megs by triggering the garbage-collection.

Does anybody else experience a similar behaviour?

I'm using Build 977 on Windows NT 4.0 with InspectionGadgets.jar sized 787901 created on 2003-10-15 (supposed to be the current release).

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IG allocates barely any memory itself, but does use the PSI object cache a lot, which I imagine could present issues. I've not seen any behaviour like this, however.

--Dave Griffith


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