File templates refuses to get packaged

I've tried adding file templates to my plugin. A fileTemplates/j2ee folder exists and inside I have TestApplication.xml.ft and TestApplication.xml.html

But when I build the project, only the HTML file gets packaged.
I've checked the "out" folder, the JAR and the plugin-sandbox directory, no .ft file.
However, if I remove the .ft extension, leaving only the .xml, it gets packaged (at least in the "out" folder)

Using IDEA 7.0.1 along with corresponding IDEA SDK.
The build/make process just seems to ignore .ft files.

Am I doing something wrong, or have something changed in the recent SDKs?
(I've looked at both the GWT plugin and the Groovy plugin, and I've mimicked both their templates with no result)

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simply add ?*.xml.ft to the resource patterns in Settings->Compiler

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Ahh, that did it :) Thanks!


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