[ANN] TDDTrackerPlugin 0.2 available for 977


0.2 (977) Nov 19 2003

WARNING: If you use the plugin manager to download this version and you have been using the 0.1 version, please delete the old version manually.
The name of the plugin was entered incorrectly originally in the plugin manager so I had to add a new plugin (no rename available and the delete plugin operation does not work).

  • Fixed multi-project support

  • Fixed rogue timer that would eat up significant cpu

  • Added pause timer (Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click)

  • Added rollback to green bar action

  • Remove extra "deck" buttons now replace by

Click for START/STOP
Shift-Click for PAUSE


Timer display
The plugin displays a timer in the main toolbar. This timer once started will count the number of seconds/minutes as
they pass. The background color changes based on the time already counted:

  • Green: time < 5mn

  • Yellow: 5mn < time < 10mn

  • Red: time > 5mn

Timer actions
To start the timer click on it.
To stop the timer click on it.
To pause the timer shift-click or ctrl-click it.

Automatic test actions
The timer will automatically restart if a green bar is obtained. This behavior is customizable by entering the name of a
main test suite configuration name in the configuration panel of the plugin.
If a configuration name is specified, the timer will automatically restart if that test configuration passes
If no configuration name is specified (default), the timer will restart automatically whenever a green bar is obtained
while running all tests contained in a class or package.

Rollback to green bar
This action uses the LocalVCS and rolls back the entire project to the state of the last green bar.


  • Automatic pause after a certain amount of time inactive and on project switch

  • Configuration for color threshold

  • Beep at minute and color change boundaries

  • Export time statistics to csv

  • Graph time statistics in toolwindow

  • Second "local" timer (following the idea that the main suite might be too long to run all the time)

  • Keep track of all actions and report on them (export to file, toolwindow)

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