Bugs in Free Text Wrapper 1.4.1

I'm having some problems with version 1.4.1 (on EAP build 957) which I didn't have in 1.3 (on Ariadna release).

1) Javadoc parameters are no longer aligned.
2) Javadoc parameters are merged improperly onto the line before. E.g.

was wrapped several different ways when I tried several times:


3) After a right brace, a comment on the next line is moved up to the right brace line.



4) Why did you add a setting for the right margin? Wouldn't it be better to use the editor's configured value for right margin? In any case, it shouldn't start out at zero -- comments are wrapped to one word at a time.

Thanks -

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the report. I have fixed some of the issues you mention with the Free-Text Wrapper plugin and plan to release an updated version with some more fixes in the next few days. I'll also make sure to post here a follow-up with some more details.



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