AbstractWizard don't show secend step? please help?

I create a MvnProjectWizard extends AbstractWizard, and definition to steps:

String title = MvnBundle.getString("projectwizard.title");
Project project = ProjectManager.getInstance().getDefaultProject();
MvnProjectContext context = new MvnProjectContext();
AbstractWizard wizard = new MvnProjectWizard(title,project);

wizard.addStep(new MvnProjectWizardStep(project,context));
wizard.addStep(new MvnProjectResultStep(project,context));


It only show first step. with "Finish" "Cancel" "Help" buttons, no "Next".
It may be something wrong?
I debug see that, wizard's steps.size() = 2. why it show only one step??
please help?

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