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Does someone has already use the Jprobe 5.0.1 integration in Intellij, because it doesn't seems to work with webApp ?

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Your question can actually be broken down into two separate questions.

The first is, how can I successfully integrate Intelli-J with JProbe.
The can be done using the JProbe IDE module and following the steps below:
1) Close Intelli-J
2) Start JProbe Profiler
3) Click the Continue Button
4) Go to the Tools-> IDE Integration Nenu Option
5) This will bring up an integration window. Within this Window, select IntelliJ IDEA 3.0.
6) On the right hand side, indicate the home directory of Intelli-J and then click the integrate button.

7) Now open Intelli-J. Here you will see 4 new icons representing the JProbe Products.
8) Once you have your class compiled and are ready to run JProbe on it, click the appropriate JProbe button and this will Launch the JProbe Product. From here, work with JProbe as usual.

Occasionally you will see no behaviour upon clicking the JProbe Product Button. This is usually the result of having installed JProbe in a location which contains spaces in it's path. To alleviate this problem you can reinstall JProbe or simply modify the integration file as follows:

1) in your INTELLI-J_HOME/bin directory open jp_ide.bat in a text editor
2) Place quotes around the path to your JPROBE_HOME directory.
ex. SET JPROBE="D:\Program Files\JProbe Suite 5.0.1\bin"

This should allow you to successfully run JProbe.

The second question would be how to run a Web Application which was created in Intelli-J. As you know, Web Applications run in an application/web server. As a result, you will need to integrate JProbe with the application/web server you are using. JProbe can not directly profile a Web Application from Intelli-J. Information on application/web server that are supported by JProbe can be found at


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