ClearCase Plugin: key map


has anyone figured how to map keys to the cc plugin?

If it's not possible than I would really like to make a request for this to be added to the plugin.

FLorian Hehlen

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VCS actions are added to
Main Menu/Tools/Version Control
Unfortunately I did not prefix the action name like Timur did for his plugins for example. So you will have to find them by try and error because multiple vcs use the same action name.


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Is this new? because I have tried to do this mapping in the past and it didn't work.

BTW... I really enjoy this plug-in (as well as the unitTest one). And keep on rolling out new features, cause any work you do on this cc plug-in will be a direct improvement on what Rational provides for cc integration in the ms windows environmnets!


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is it new?

Nope. It has been there from the first release. This isn't something that the plugin does. It is something that IDEA Open API offer. Try it again and let me know.
I made a note for the next release to differenciate the plugin actions by prefixing the action name like Clearcase.XXX.

Thanks for the note of confidence. It is greatly appreciated



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