source path for plugins in idea-7.0.M1b-dev folder

For the plugins folder contained in the idea-7.0.M1b-dev folder, when I try to set up a project which has java contents of , say images, as source, I seem not to be able to find the correct folder to select as source root (or at least that's what I think m problem is).

So my goal is to see the java files which compose the images plugin as source in a new project. Then I can navigate them and search for things etc etc.

OK so step 1, unzip the contents of the and get this directory structure:
images> src>src_images>org>intellij -->images --> all other packages contained in images.

I set 6833 dev (the intelli jdk) to be my jdk.

OK so where do you tell your new project your source is?

Well, since the package names all begin with org.intellij, I tell it the source is src_images.


classes know nothing about anything defined outside themselves. So classes in the same package don't know anything about each other.


so I set the source of the project to be, successively, every likely and unlikely folder up and down the hierarchy- each time with the same result.


so I wipe out the project and start afresh, this time I declare the project NOT to be a plugin, but still give it the intellij JDK

same thing.


So now I guess there is something I just don't get.
Thanks in advance for any ideas...

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Here' s a clue apparently- there appears to be a conflict (they contain the same classes?) between the directories com.intellij and org.intellij ..

changing the module jdk away from 6833 (intellij JDK ) to sun's 6.0, my usual jdk, results in
the classes in the directory described in my previous post seeing each other (implying it was a same-named file elsewhere that was causing the resolution difficulty) and now of course all the dependencies the plugin does in fact have on 6833 are toast, and I have new, but just as red, lines everywhere complaining about not being able to resolve the 6833 dependencies.....

has anyone done what I am trying to do- load the plugin sources into a project for the purpose of learning from them?

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And here I answer my own question- you can't include as source Intellij's JDK, which means literally you have to go to Project Structure >JDK>6833 (intellij's jdk) -->sourcepath tab and remove it (highlight, click "remove" button).

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what i usually do :
- unpack the in the same version IDEA installation folder (say H:\developpement\IntelliJ IDEA 7020)
- unzip the plugins source i want to look at in the folder the zip is (say H:\developpement\IntelliJ IDEA 7020\plugins\svn4idea\src\ extracted to H:\developpement\IntelliJ IDEA 7020\plugins\svn4idea\src)
- create a multimodule project (i always do multimodules) with IDEA JDK
- create a plugin module in the above folder (say H:\developpement\IntelliJ IDEA 7020\plugins\svn4idea)
- you're done


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