[ANN] ClearCasePlugin 1.22 available for Aurora only


Disclaimer: This is a major release. A lot of software got added or modified. I have only been able to do rudimentary testing. Please email me with your feedback.
Right now this version is only available for Aurora. I will now work on the Ariadna version.

The major work was around the exclude feature which is very similar to the CVS2 excludes. Along with the inclusion of modifications done outside, I believe it is a major step towards making IDEA/plugin a preferred environment to do check ins (or so I hope ;)

Changes 1.22 (896 only) - 22 Aug 03

  • Upgraded to 896! FINALLY ;)

  • Add new option to checkout a readonly file automatically on modification without asking.

  • Add option to excluded paths/files

  • Add a offline mode that won't even check out files on edit but hijack them instead. On check in the file will be automatically checked out (see next option)

  • Add option to use hijack on check in (hijacked files will be first checked out then checked in)

  • Checkout no longer report an error if file is already checked out

  • Fix readonly modification listener (Checkout dialog) always active even if clearcase is not the active vcs

  • Fix on Aurora move,rename would do an delete/add instead of mv

Known limitations

  • Due to a bug in IDEA, never move a file and delete the directory from which it was moved in the same transaction (Check In Project). The file will end up being view private in the new location and delete in the old (adding the file back in manually will loose the history). [[http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=15174][Vote]] for the bug!

  • Moving file in/out of excluded paths is not handled properly:

1 moving out of excluded paths will not add automatically the file
1 moving in excluded paths will add the directories up to the moved file

  • Excluded paths are not relative to the project file yet.

Have fun and sorry for the delay.


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