[ANN] plugin to YourKit Memory Profiler 1.0 available

The plugin for YourKit Memory Profiler 1.0 for Java makes profiling much more convenient and pleasant for the users of IntelliJ IDEA, indeed the best Java IDE in the world. The plugin automates navigation from the results shown in the profiler views to the code of the application being profiled, opening it in IDEA's editor.

The plugin is a part of the profiler's installation pack.

YourKit Memory Profiler 1.0 for Java is a new generation of memory profiling tools. With help of this tool,
you can easily solve memory related performance problems such as memory leaks and memory consumption

YourKit Memory Profiler:

- Automation of memory leak detection
- Powerful tools for analysis of memory distribution
- Easy to use object heap browser
- Comprehensive memory tests as part of your JUnit testing process
- Profiling overhead is almost zero
- Profiling of your applications in development and production stages
- Transparent deobfuscation support for obfuscated production code
- Integration with modern IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA and Borland JBuilder)
- Both profiler agent and client work on Windows and Linux
- Friendly not cluttered user interface

You can download evaluation version at http://www.yourkit.com
Should you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@yourkit.com

With best regards,
YourKit Team

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