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I got the following error message when I try to add tables in the
Reverse Generator:

Error in get Catalogs from DB

The following are my Hibernate Tools connection setting:

name: Imaging2
driver: com.inet.tds.TdsDriver
url: jdbc:inetdae7:MYW2ASRDSK10:1433
user name:abc
dialect:SybaseDialet(SQL Server)

I faced the same message when I switched to use Microsoft JDBC driver.
May I know why and how to solve it? Thanks!

Simone wrote:

- added support to Hibernate2.
- now, tools settings are stored in current project.
- some graphic improvements.
- bugfixes.


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The plugin seems not to like the default properties.
No biggy. I just thought to mentioned it. When creating project component for the default project, the project is null!

at com.mssra.hibernate.views.ConfigurationView.]]>(ConfigurationView.java:59)
at com.mssra.hibernate.HibernateToolsPlugin.createComponent(HibernateToolsPlugin.java:190)

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I am having the same problem. I keep getting "Error in get Catalogs from DB" when I tried to use the Reverse Generator. Anyone has any insight on this or is the plug-in just plain broken?

Also, as the second post points out, my IntelliJ said there is an interal error every time I go to the Default Project Properties dialog and click on the Hibernate Tool section.


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Okay, I figured it out. For those of you who are scratching their heads like I did, basically you need to download the hibernate-extensions-2.0.zip from sourceforge. As of Hibernate 2.0, the tool classes that this plug-in uses are no longer part of the main download package. So, you will have to download the extension package separately and add it to the classpath. After I did that, everything works again!

By the way, the Hibernate guys are no longer supporting the ReverseEngineering tool. They are focusing on moving this functionality to a tool called middlegen.



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