svn authentication in a plugin

Hi all,

I've written a plugin to implement my suggestion in this bug:

However I don't seem to be inheriting the svn credentials and am having to provide them myself. The situation is that I am in a project that already has svn login/etc cached, and I'm looking up the svn repository etc using JavaSVN but had hoped that this would mean the user would not need to log in again.

Is it possible for a plugin to use the same login details as the project?



A workaround you could use is extract your two branches to the filesystem and use the excellent Compare Directory plugin.
(It even compares the internals of any zip/jar files)


Yeah the problem with that is that I don't really want to have to export each tag I want to compare against onto my local filesystem.


If you're using windows TortoiseSVN does it to some extent IIRC.
Select the two folders in the svn repository tree and then diff.

THe good point is AFAIK the diff is made serverside, could save a lot of time on slow network/big projects


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