[ANN] Spell Check Plugin version 0.4

Just to let you know I've finally got round to updating the spelling checker
plugin at

Apologies for the tardiness, heavy work commitments (caused by redundancies-
argh!), boggled by all things psi, my birthday, visit by the parents,
friends wedding and suffering under stupefying English heatwave etc..

Changes in this version include the first version of the (smart) check
document, which should parse and check the comments and string literals from
your Java code, plus the checker options (which the last Jazzy revision
broke) should now work. Hopefully I'm using the psi routines correctly for
the parsing (first experience with this api -- what a nightmare). The source
could do with some major refactoring once everything is settled.. in the
meantime comments (helpful ones) gratefully received.

Things that would be useful are ideas on the adjust parameter thing (a
running difference in length between original words & replaced ones) it's
ropey and breaks far too easily.. some foreign dictionaries would be nice..
Jazzy needs modification to allow Add Dictionary and/or User Dictionaries
and it's repeated words check isn't working - all of which would be a big
help if they'res any takers?

- Richard

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