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I'm trying to add a context menu to my plugin, as seen in IDEA all over the place. The problem is that i'm not being able to get the same Look&Feel than those in IDEA.

I've found two ways of getting context menu. Using JBPopupFactory.createActionGroupPopup or using JPopupMenu.
The JBPopupFactory.createActionGroupPopup gives a completly different look&feel from the IDEA default context menu. With JPopupMenu i get a correct look&feel but i can't associate a description to every action so that it shows up in the IDEA taskbar when a user hovers it.

Any ideas ?

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Hugo, the popups created by JBPopupFactory are those used e.g. for the popups in the Project Structure (Add...) configuration. You should create your popup menus with com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.ActionManager#createActionPopupMenu and com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.ActionPopupMenu#getComponent. This will make sure that e.g. each Action's description shows up in the statusbar.



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