Code Coverage woes with TestNG Plugin...

Hey all,

I was wondering if anything changed in the way code coverage support should be called/run somewhere between the late EAP releasts and the 6.0 final release?

Code coverage support in the TestNG plugin -was- working but it seems that its not anymore. I'm not seeing any exceptions or errors anywhere when running/debugging the plugin, but what I am seeing is that the .es file generated by Emma - doesn't actually get generated (even thou according to Emmas output it does).

Looking at the command line generated from a run configuration for my main() method compared to the command line from the TestNG plugin I see no real differences, other than additional command line parameters (for TestNG) and the inclusion of assertions (-ea) (if I run the TestNG command line in an xterm I see emma work correctly thou).

Is the source to emma-agent.jar available anywhere at all? I don't see any reference to this on the main emma website so I assume its a wrapper developed by Jet Brains?


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