[ANN] JBoss Plugin 0.3

This build should run better in debug mode.
There is still a problem getting the RMI part to auto load. This is dude to
the fact
that JBoss uses a proprietary .sar extension which I am having a hard time
loading into the class path and getting the internal jar file to be
recognized by it.
This last piece should not affect your web app testing and debugging.

To avoid this error, use the minimal version of default if you can by simply
renaming the default directory to medium, and the minimal directory to
default. The error should not happen there.

You can get the file here:


Bugs fixed:
- Added more lib directories to scan for existing jar files to add to class
path. This allows for a better and more complete startup process.

Known Issues:
- RMI does not work and throws exception on startup. Ignore it for now, you
can still use the plugin.

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