VirtualFileSystem#refreshAndFindFileByPath does not find UNC file

I have a pice of code that worked OK in IntelliJ 5.

*String s = file.getAbsolutePath();

final String s1 = s.replace(File.separatorChar, '/');
final VirtualFile[] virtualfiles = new VirtualFile[1];

ApplicationManager.getApplication().runWriteAction(new Runnable() {

public void run() {
virtualfiles[0] = LocalFileSystem.getInstanc().refreshAndFindFileByPath(s1);

if ( virtualfiles[0] != null ) {
virtualfiles[0].refresh(false, false);


The file in question has UNC path, for example://wf705mc/D/Runtime/Log/Main_0.log

In intelliJ 5.x this code worked fine.
In IntelliJ 6.x refreshAndFindFileByPath(s1) return null. If the path is not UNC then this code works fine in 6.x too.

Please HELP

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Well, this piece of code DID work on IntelliJ 5.x ? So what changed ? can you put some light on this ?

Is any other way i can open UNC file in editor ? This is important to out project, because these files contains exceptions we need to analyse.



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