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Hello, I got lost trying to open a project from inside a plugin. The problem is this: I'm creating a plugin that you choose from the file menu an option "Open Maven Project" and you can select a maven pom file (pom.xml). I have gotten to the point where I generate the all the needed idea files like *.iml and *.ipr. My question would be, what would I use to keep going and open inside the plugin that ipr file that I just generated?

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Actually I just answered myself. It's using com.intellij.openapi.project.ProjectManager.

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I was just thinking about working on something similar. Have you got this working? What kind of progress have you made?

I'm migrating my company to maven2 right now and would very much like better IDE integration. I love what Netbeans is doing for m2 integration and wish that intellij had the same (because, let's be honest, netbeans basically sucks compared to intellij).

If you have any pointers, let me know.


Sam W.


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