[ANN] Scratchpad Plugin v2.0.0

Finally had some time to update the Scratchpad plugin. By popular request
I've added two important new features. First, you now have four tabs in the
scratchpad, each of which you can rename individually. Each of these stores
its own file, so you can have one for notes, another for scratch, another
for managing a to-do list, etc... The second is that you can now turn the
scratchpad on and off for each project.

You can download the latest release on my website:


From the readme -

This plugin provides a simple text window for each project, allow you to
store text, notes, and clippings. It is saved when you close the project
Right clicking in the main edit window gives you the option of copying a
into the Scratchpad.

The scratchpad has four tabs, the names of which are configurable through
project properties panel in IDEA. Through the configuration panel you can
also choose to enable or disable the scratchpad on per project basis.

This plugin requires IDEA 3.0, and was tested on build 698.
To install, simply copy the jar file into your $IDEA_HOME/plugins folder.

Check for updates at http://www.deepmagic.com, under the Software section.


Version 1.0 - 6/23/02
- baseline

Version 1.2 - 7/3/02
- fix: updated to work with build 633
- enhancement: added "copy to scratchpad" from edit menu

Version 1.2.660 - 10/15/02
- fix: updated to work with build 660
- bugs: missing some icons

Version 1.2.676 - 11/22/02
- fix: updated to work wit the release build 676

Version 2.0.0 - 5/21/03
- enhancement: added support for multiple tabs
- enhancement: undo/redo
- enhancement: cut/copy/paste icons in the scratchpad popup menu
- enhancement: removed the save button, saving is now implicite

Duane Fields

Duane Fields
Deep Magic Software and Consulting

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