Console parser/linker

After some years[1] waiting for the feature of the console linking I was
going to implement the plugin today. But for my sakeness there was an
other bug behind the corner[2].

Did anybody get into the console thing already? If so I would be glad to
hear. If not I would like to encourage to vote for one/all of the bugs
below ;)

Please see my simple approach for the plugin . Perhaps there is an
other way to hijack the console.
I know of the possibility to establish an own ExecutionManager and
launch with custom filters then, but how can I override the default
Run/Debug buttons with mine?

Best regards

a: register the console listener in the projectcomponent]


b: adding the parser in contentSelected(RunContentDescriptor descriptor)
of RunContentListener

ExecutionConsole executionConsole = descriptor.getExecutionConsole();
if(executionConsole instanceof ConsoleView)
((ConsoleView) executionConsole).addMessageFilter(new

c: Console parser implements the Filter which can link back to code,
however the filter can only highlight and link back, of course it would
be nice to be able to change the text as already requested in the
feature requests above

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The plugin is available as "Console Link Filter" now. However because of
the bug it is still not useable without closing the console after each run.



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