ClearCase plugin, moving files


When I move files from one package to another in IntelliJ using F6 and then
checkin by doing a CTRL+K,

the plugin prompts me for a comment.

My comment gets added to the "Properties of Version" for the file that I

However, it does not get added to the "Properties of Version" for the
directories. Here a generic comment is generated and added telling which
file was moved, its source and destination.

I would rather have my own comment attached to the directories, not the
autogenerated comment.

This is important in my work environment for tracking changes.


Ted Hill

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Can you add this to the todo list on the plugin page? That way it won't get lost. I will work on this but it will be a little bit before I can. I really want to finish the first phase of the JUnitTestPlugin. Let me know if you cannot wait 1-2 weeks for it.



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